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The Taylor Swift effect: Nashville sounds off on singer's political endorsements - The Guardian

More than 160,000 people registered to vote in the space of 48 hours after Taylor Swift finally weighed in on American politics this week, sparking excitement on the left that the country-cum-pop star could even seal a Senate seat in Tennessee.

Swift declared her support for two Democratic candidates in a post on her Instagram account on Sunday. Less than five weeks ahead of the November midterm elections, which are widely seen as a referendum on Donald Trump’s America, Swift’s intervention has prompted a mixture of praise, chin-stroking and outrage.

The 28-year-old is far from the first celebrity to express her political views, but her young fans – she has more than 112 million followers on Instagram – are seen as particularly loyal and impressionable.

But will the Swift intervention make a difference?

“One hundred percent,” said Tee Cahours, who was tending bar at Crazy Town in Nashville’s touristy Broadway strip. “She’s a huge icon not only in pop but country music – she’s the reason that nowadays people are more likely to listen to country.

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